Team BV recognizes our first players of the week

Our players have had a great start to the spring and summer basketball seasons. They've practiced hard and played well against some tough competition in Minnesota. There are several young men who stood out from the crowd last weekend and we're thrilled to recognize them here.

Gavin Terhark, High School - Our coaches know they can count on Gavin when the game is close. Last weekend Gavin kept his cool when the pressure was high, hitting several clutch free throws to help us finish with a "W" in the semi-final game. Gavin told us his favorite BV player is Chase Marso (we couldn't agree more) and his favorite way to spend the day is at an amusement park. Congratulations, Gavin!


Aydin Lloyd, 8th grade - Every team needs a player who can lead from the floor - and Aydin is that player. His coaches call him the "glue" that keeps his team together. They have also recognized that he always plays hard and never backs down from bigger or stronger opponents. Aydin told us his favorite BV player is another well known leader, Dale Moss. The best advice Aydin has received from his parents is to always play hard. Congratulations, Aydin.


Austin Reiter, 7th grade - Last weekend Austin guarded some pretty big fellas. His coaches selected him as a player of the week because he played his heart out and hustled against those larger opponents. And even better, he was there for his teammates, motivating them to do the same. Austin's favorite sport is baseball and he intends to play baseball when he grows up. Congratulations, Austin.


Mason McManus, 7th grade - Being a great teammate is an important part of our program and our coaches loved the way Mason cheered on and supported his teammates during the tournament last weekend. He was a leader on the court, hustling during every play. Mason tells us his favorite professional athlete is Rob Gronkowski and when he plans to be a chiropractor when he grows up. Congratulations, Mason.



Rhett Kloth, 5th grade - It's not easy being a post player, but this weekend Rhett was up for the challenge. His coaches have recognized Rhett for how well he was able to translate what they've practiced into the game. Rhett tells us his favorite BV athlete is football legend, Alex Wickersham. His favorite class in school is PE. Congratulations, Rhett.