Free throws, three-pointers and the Fourth of July

This post is a little late as we took some time off to celebrate Independence Day – but not before competing in the Great Plains Basketball Tournament in St. Cloud. Our Team Brandon Valley players were ready to shine with noteworthy games from Evan Talcott who had seven three-point shots in one game and Noah Thompson who had a game winning three-pointer in the final seconds of play. We had the chance to enjoy a great weekend of basketball in St. Cloud and today we get to celebrate our stand-out players from the tournament.

Nate Keegan, 10th grade: Nate’s coaches have noted how his hard work is paying off, making him a consistent player at each game. His steady demeanor allows him to make an impact without having to force plays on the court. Nate tells us he wants to be a physical therapist when he grows up. The best advice he has received from his parents is “Treat others how you want to be treated.” If Nate could do one thing all day, it would be to play basketball.   He shared that his favorite BV athlete is Chase Marso.





Mason Rolfson, 8th grade: Mason’s coaches have shared that when he puts his mind to it, he can make a significant impact on both the offensive and defensive sides of the court. His strength and athleticism for a player his age is unmatched. Mason shared that his favorite sport is basketball and he plans to be a dental hygienist when he grows up. His favorite BV athlete is Dale Moss.







Tyler Westcott, 8th grade: Tyler has always been a player the coaches can count on to bring his full effort on every play of every game. At the St. Cloud tournament he did this and more, especially on the offensive end of the court. His coaches especially lifted up his ability to pressure other ball-handlers. Tyler tells us his favorite way to keep in touch with his friends is through SnapChat. He wants to be an engineer when he grows up. He also shared that his favorite BV athlete is Dale Moss.






Sam Scholten, 7th grade: Sam’s infectious smile makes him a fan favorite – and he was definitely smiling after draining seven       three-pointers in one game. Sam handled the ball well during the tournaments and has made steady improvement on his game all season long. Sam tells us he wants to be an athletic trainer when he grows up. The best advice his   parents have given him is to work hard. Sam also shared that his favorite BV athlete is   Chase Marso.




Brady Giles, 7th grade: Brady’s coaches recognize him for being a very teachable player. He is well-known for being a hard working athlete.  It was fun to watch his hard work pay off with some well-earned buckets in St. Cloud. Brady tells us his favorite class in school is gym and if given the chance, he’d play basketball all day long. When he grows up, Brady wants to be a scientist. His favorite BV athlete is current Iowa Hawkeye football player, Matt VandeBerg.