Another season is in the books

We have had a great summer! The gyms were full, the coaches were hustling and our amazing Team Brandon Valley players were growing in their basketball skills every day. Last week our boys played some great games at the Pentagon and this weekend our girls were in action here in Sioux Falls. With all those games, you can be sure we have some great players to celebrate today!

jackson hilton.jpg

Hayden Anderson, 5th grade: Hayden’s teammates sure appreciate his grit, especially when he played at the Pentagon last week. His coaches noted he put his body on the line for his team and never gave up. Hayden always plays hard and his coachable attitude makes him an important part of the team. Hayden says his favorite movie is “Benchwarmers” and his favorite professional athlete is Kevin Durant. He is enjoying spending the summer with his friends and notes Team Brandon Valley coach, Zach Scholten, is his favorite BV athlete.

Haley Bergen, 6th grade: Haley had an outstanding tournament and was critical to the team’s success throughout the weekend. She handled the ball well against three pressing teams and was the most consistent scorer throughout the weekend. The best advice Haley’s parents have given her is to “Never give up.” Haley plans to be an orthodontist when she grows up. She loves to play basketball in her spare time and notes Alex Waltner as her favorite BV athlete.



Cole Dekker, 6th grade: Cole did a great job on attacking the defense and getting buckets when the team was in need. His coach notes that Cole’s team responds positively to the special spark Cole brings with him on the court. Cole says the best advice he’s received from his parents is “Never give up.” He loves basketball and tells us he plays every day. He enjoys keeping up with his friends through SnapChat.





Riley Peyton, 7th grade: Last weekend Riley did everything he could to put his team in a position to win – whether it was handling the ball, guarding some pretty large opponents or going for a rebound. His coaches note he gave his all on both the defensive and offensive sides of the court. Riley tells us his favorite movie is Star Wars. He loves basketball, sharing he would play all day if he could. Which is good as he plans to play in the NBA when he grows up. Riley’s favorite BV athlete is Chase Marso.



Dawson Johnson, 8th grade: Dawson made some big shots throughout the tournament at the Pentagon. The crowd kept responding as he hit shot after shot! Dawson’s coach pointed out how well he handled the ball and what an impact he made on the boards. Dawson tells us he plays to be a stock broker when he grows up. He lists tennis great Roger Federer as his favorite professional athlete and Chase Marso as his favorite BV athlete.






Jackson Hilton, 8th grade: Jackson played some great basketball at the Pentagon. His high skill level was on full display, even playing against older competition. He helped lead the team offensively and defensively at key times during the tournament. Jackson says his favorite sport, favorite pastime and future career all involve basketball. The incoming freshman notes Dale Moss as his favorite BV athlete.






Aydin Lloyd, 8th grade: Aydin elevated his game right when his teammates needed him last weekend. Whether it was a big basket, key rebound or great assist, Aydin’s skills, competitive demeanor and basketball IQ were on full display . Aydin is one of our most coachable kids, constantly searching for ways to improve his game and help the team. He says the best advice he had from his parents is, “When it’s your opportunity, play hard.” Aydin plans to play in the NBA and lifts up Dale Moss as his favorite BV athlete.




Max Wilde, 12th grade: Max’s coaches lift him up for being an intelligent, humble and unselfish athlete. He is one of our top screeners and is willing to guard any position on the floor. Max had another fine tournament at the Pentagon, helping his team to two wins on Saturday. Max’s coaches know he is a player they can always count on. Max says he plans to work as a sports trainer when he graduates from college. The best advice he’s received from his parents is “The cream rises to the top.”  Max notes his favorite professional athlete is Kevin Durant and he has two favorite BV athletes: Chase Marso and his older brother, Alex Wilde.