Team BV celebrates another great season!

Team Brandon Valley closed out its seventh season last weekend. We had a great summer in the gym with 101 Team Brandon Valley athletes who worked hard and got better every week. Our coaches and staff are so grateful for the opportunity to work with these student athletes - and we can’t wait to cheer them on in the regular season! Today, we are thrilled to recognize our final 2019 players of the week.

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The 6th grade girls brought home a championship in their final tournament of the season.

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Jordyn Goehring, 4th grade: Coach Caden Deckert said Jordyn’s hard work all summer is showing in how much she has improved. Last weekend she played with tremendous effort all weekend. In addition, she hit several key shots to help her team end the summer with a win. Jordyn tells us she likes to play basketball because she can learn new things and spend time with her friends. She also likes to dance and play softball. Jordyn’s favorite BV athlete is Caden Deckert.

Haley Freking, 6th grade: Coach Terveer said Haley made crucial shots when her team needed them most. She was patient and looked to find an open teammate. On defense she pressured the ball exceptionally well and was up in the passing lanes. Haley was also a team player, the first one to congratulate her teammates after a good play and the first one to pick them up when they made a mistake. Haley tells she likes to play basketball because she likes to meet new people and work with a team. She also enjoys softball and volleyball. Haley’s favorite BV athlete is Trinity Law.

Cade Morgan, 6th grade: Coach Jurgens said Cade gave it his all during every game. He brought intensity to the defensive side of the court and energy to the offense. He is also a very coachable player, always ready to do his best and try something new. Cade tells us he likes to play Team BV because he can play with his friends and compete with players from outside of the area. He also plays football and soccer. His favorite BV athlete is Lukas Morgan.

Izzy Klumper, 7th grade: Coach Freking said Izzy worked extremely hard in all facets of the game. She play tenacious defense, handled the ball and got the team into offense. Her timely shooting helped to lead the team to a 4-1 weekend record. Izzy tells us her favorite subject in school is math. She loves to play basketball because she can be with her friends and push herself to get better. Her favorite BV athlete is Alex Waltner.

Michael Alpers, 7th grade: Coach Jurgens said Michael played hard all weekend long. He had boundless energy that made a positive impact on the team’s momentum. He contributed on offense, making some key plays and baskets. He also had a strong weekend on the defensive side of the court. Michael tells us not only does he love to play basketball with his friends but it is also an important part of their family time. He says his favorite BV athlete is Zach Scholten.

Kaleb Briest, 7th grade: Coach Waltner said Kaleb truly gave it his all whenever he stepped on the court this weekend. He brought intensity on defense every single possession. On offense, he knocked down many shots helping his team gain an edge. Kaleb tells us he likes to play basketball because he gets to play with his friends. He also runs track. His favorite BV athlete is his brother, Kyler Briest.

Cole Dekker, 8th grade: Coach Scholten said Cole led his team offensively all weekend. He made multiple big shots to lead the team to two victories. Defensively, he idd a great job pressuring the ball and bringing energy to the team. Cole tells us he enjoys the competitive nature of playing Team Brandon with his friends. He also enjoys lifting weight. His favorite BV athlete is Evan Talcott.

Max VanWesten, 9th grade: Coach Deckert said Max played with everything he had last weekend. He was constantly pressuring the ball and taking multiple charges each game - potentially having his elbows on the floor as often as he has his feet on the court! Max tells us his favorite thing about playing with Team Brandon is getting to travel with his friends and take on new competition. He also plays football. Max’s favorite BV athlete is Alex Waltner.