Hardwood Challenge Tournament Rules

  • Players are only allowed to play on one team. Special consideration may be granted for illness or injury on day of tournament.

  • Coaches, please fill out the score sheets during warm-ups before the game.

  • Games are 18-minute halves continuous running clock. Clock will stop only in the last two minutes of each half, at time outs and at officials’ discretion.

  • Full court press allowed up to a 15-point lead. After 15 point lead-no press is allowed. NO PRESSING IN GRADES 2, 3, OR 4.

  • NO ZONE DEFENSES IN GRADES 2, 3, 4, or 5.

  • Each team is allowed 3 time outs per game. Each team will receive 1 time out per overtime—no carry over from the 3 time outs in regulation. Timeouts are one minute.

  • All overtimes will begin with jump ball.

  • Technical fouls are scored 2 points and the ball out of bounds.

  • Any player or coach assessed two technical fouls will be ejected from the game and gym for the remainder of the tournament.

  • All teams must have basketball uniforms with properly numbered jerseys. Teams need to supply their own practice balls. Size of ball used in all divisions will be 28.5.

  • All referee decisions are final. No protests will be allowed.

  • Half time lasts 5 minutes.

  • Free throws will be shot for all shooting fouls and/or after the team has reached the seventh team foul. The double bonus will be in effect when the team situation reaches ten fouls.

  • First overtime is one minute. Second overtime is sudden death.

  • All other South Dakota High School Activities rules will apply.

  • Tie Breaker Rules

1 – Win Loss Record
2 – Head to Head Competition
3 – Least Points Allowed
4 – Point Differential up to a maximum of 25 points
5 – Total points scored up to a maximum of 50 per game
6 – Coin flip